Dannon® and Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Show How Nutritious, Protein-Packed Oikos® Triple Zero Helps Fuel Your Hustle

WHITE PLAINS, NY, January 5, 2018 – This new year, Oikos® Triple Zero is teaming up with Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, to zero in on the importance of nutritious protein snacks on and off the football field, with a new campaign from Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt. Prescott will appear in a new advertisement, geared for the many people looking to fuel their hustle, showcasing his choices in his quest to push himself to be better every day. Dak chooses healthy foods like Oikos Triple Zero, which, unlike some other protein snacks that may be high in saturated fats and added sugar, packs in 15 grams of protein* with zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners and zero fat.**

"Every choice I make – both on and off the field – impacts my performance, from what I do to prepare for games to the food that I put in my body," said Prescott. "I’m constantly looking for ways to up my game with smart choices, and finding a snack like Oikos Triple Zero that has 15 grams of high-quality protein without the added sugar is exactly what I want."

The new campaign will be unveiled on January 8, with Dannon and Prescott showing people that Oikos Triple Zero is a great protein snack choice to help fuel their hustle, without some attributes that people may want to avoid, like added sugar and artificial sweeteners. Fans can view the full advertisement at https://www.youtube.com/user/OikosYogurt. Fans will also be treated with content from Prescott and Dannon on both the Oikos Instagram and Facebook channels.

"While some other protein snacks also include added sugar, artificial sweeteners and fat, which many people do not want, we leave those out to help people make choices that they feel good about," said Jeffrey Rothman, Vice President of Marketing for Dannon. "As America’s largest yogurt maker, we’re proud to offer a great-tasting snack that has the high-quality protein people want without added sugar or artificial sweeteners."

Since launching in 2015, Oikos Triple Zero has responded to many peoples’ desire for snacks that are high in protein, but with a stronger nutritional profile than some other protein snacks. Oikos Triple Zero is rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which together help build strong bones and muscles. With this new ad campaign and partnership with Prescott, Oikos Triple Zero is looking to educate even more people to rethink their protein snack routines.

Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt is available in thirteen delicious protein-packed flavors – Apple Cinnamon, Banana Crème, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut Crème, Coffee, Orange Crème, Mixed Berry, Peach, Peanut Butter Banana, Salted Caramel, Strawberry and Vanilla. Oikos also makes delicious and portable yogurt drinks. The yogurt drink is available in five flavors – Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Banana Crème, Vanilla and Peach. Consumers can learn more about Oikos Triple Zero and Oikos Yogurt Drinks at http://www.oikosyogurt.com.

Visit OikosYogurt.com for more information about all of Oikos’ products and connect with us on Facebook.com/Oikos, Instagram.com/Oikos and Twitter.com/Oikos.

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*per 5.3 oz
**Not a low calorie food. See Nutrition information for calorie content.