Women’s History Month Focus: LIFTing Up Women at Danone


Women’s History Month Focus: LIFTing Up Women at Danone

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Women’s History Month Focus: LIFTing Up Women at Danone

Women’s History Month Focus: LIFTing Up Women at Danone

In honor of Women’s History Month, we proudly announced this March that Danone was named on the Forbes list of the World’s Best Companies for Women and World’s Best Employers for 2023. These recognitions are a testament to how we view our Danoners as our most important asset. 

An important way Danone strives to empower female employees is through our Employee Resource Group (ERG) LIFT — Leading & Inspiring Female Talent. Recognizing the importance of intersectionality, which considers women’s varying experiences and identities, LIFT fosters diversity and inclusion by creating an environment where all female employees can flourish through inspiration and empowerment.  

Running for many years, LIFT is one of Danone’s largest ERGs with 600 current members spanning our offices and manufacturing plants. LIFT’s programming focuses on building connections among women at Danone by providing opportunities for learning, growth, service and camaraderie. 

March is International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

March is a special time for LIFT to host activities honoring International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month (WHM). Programs celebrate achievements and accomplishments of women both within and outside Danone – and tackle challenging topics like workplace equity and inclusion, work-life balance, and health and wellness issues impacting women. This year, LIFT’s WHM programming included seven events hosting more than 400 Danoners and extends into April with a speaker discussing topics related to menopause.

Mentoring Program

One of LIFT’s most successful and popular offerings is its mentoring program, which pairs women Danoners based on commonalities to share guidance, support and encouragement about their professional journey. More than 120 pairs are currently matched in the program. 

“The LIFT mentorship program is a staple of our programming,” says Carla Bailey, LIFT Co-Chair. “We’ve seen the number of mentors and mentees increase each year, with members who still meet with their mentors/mentees three+ years after being paired. One of the many things I love about this program is its cross-functional nature. If someone in marketing would like to be mentored by someone in finance, they can request that – or it might just happen by chance!” 

Leadership Access

Along with mentoring, LIFT provides meaningful ways for women of all levels at Danone to build relationships with company leaders. Quarterly leadership panels and smaller group “coffee chats” help build connections among Danoners beyond their typical work relationships. 

“Our leadership panels and ‘coffee chats’ have allowed our leaders to become more accessible to everyone,” says Amanda Bigart, LIFT Co-Chair. “We cover a variety of topics including confidence in the workplace and work/life integration, and of course leaders share personal anecdotes that resonate with our members. We’re very fortunate at Danone to have authentic and transparent leaders willing to share their stories.” 

NextUp Leadership Summit

Each year, LIFT also offers several members the chance to attend the annual NextUp Leadership Summit, a celebration of NextUp and its mission to advance women in business. This is an opportunity for Danoners to mix with more than 1,300 attendees to experience world-class speakers and powerful programming. LIFT and Danone select 12+ employees via an application process every year to attend the summit.

“This is an extremely empowering event for both men and women,” Carla says. “The speakers are top-notch every year and the opportunity to experience them with like-minded colleagues is priceless. We leave the summit with a unique bond and ready to share our learnings with the organization.” 

Community Service

LIFT members support several important causes throughout the year including an annual clothing collection and fundraiser for Dress for Success. LIFT chapters also support organizations in their communities including hospitals, food banks and rescue groups, and other local causes – and frequently support giving efforts spearheaded by other Danone ERGs.

Learn more about Danone’s culture and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts here. And if Danone sounds like someplace you’d like to make an impact and grow your career, check out our openings in the U.S

Women’s History Month Focus: LIFTing Up Women at Danone

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Women’s History Month Focus: LIFTing Up Women at Danone